NNTV worksites: Cragside

The property was established in the 19th century by Lord Armstrong, who equipped the house with all modern conveniences. The extensive grounds were planted, with what could possibly be regarded as too much enthusiasm, with 7,000,000 trees and bushes.

Our most frequent task is clearing overgrown bushes and trees, especially rhododendron, which thrives in the area. There are also other areas of land nearby that we sometimes work on.

Typical tasks
Clearing rhododendron. Burning rhododendron. Chipping rhododendron. Clearing more rhododendron.
Usual meeting point
This may change, so always check with the workday co-ordinator
Public carpark at Cragside, via main entrance on the B6341 just north of Rothbury.
Map for finding site
NT website description
National Trust webpage description
Visitor centre, tea shop, NT shop. Basecamp.
Other information
The plural of rhododendron is either rhododendrons or rhododendra.

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